Council of the elders of Tournai

Logo Design
Logo and Branding for the elder council of Tournai
Conseil Communal des
Aînés de Tournai
Branding , Logo Design

Branding and Logo Design

The consultative communal council of the Elders of Tournai strengthens in a general manner the citizen participation of the elders. Their mission is to reveal and take in consideration the concerns, aspirations and rights of the resident elders of the region of Tournai in order to improve their life quality and assure better social harmony.

The main source of inspiration is nature and its organic shapes. One particular tree cough our attention: the gingko biloba. Symbol of vitality, longevity and resilience. The ginkgo is also one of the remarkable trees of the region of Tournai. The particularity of the tree family of the Ginkgoaceae is their age : they exist since 270 millions years and live more than 1000 years.